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Article: Refreshing Your Spring Routine

Refreshing Your Spring Routine - Little Moon Essentials

Refreshing Your Spring Routine

Refreshing our space is common during the spring—the weather begins to warm up and it’s the perfect time to open up the windows and let some fresh air in. So, while you’re giving your space a good cleaning and sorting through what you no longer need, why not give your routine a refresh as well? 

Create A Foundation

To begin your routine re-do, take a moment to reflect on the parts of your routine you truly enjoy. Have you gotten your workout regime down? Is your weekly schedule solidified with activities or days you set aside for cleaning, meal prepping, etc.? Do you have a nighttime routine you’ve been sticking to? If there are parts of your routine that are currently working for you, don’t change them! Enjoy those parts and see where else there could be room for improvement. Sticking with aspects you have currently integrated into your life is a great foundation to start.

Get Active

Sometimes, the sunshine really does feel like it can change your mindset, so why not see where you can add or expand your outdoor time? Getting active is an easy way to enjoy the sunshine, whether you’re going for a walk, run, bike ride, or even playing a sport like soccer or pickleball. The spring is also a great time to prep your garden or work on any landscaping projects before it gets too hot out.

Swap Out Your Products

If you’re coming close to needing some new bath and body care products, take some time this season to go through what you have. Are there any products that you could swap out for a more natural alternative? There are so many chemicals found in bodycare, it’s hard to keep up. Replacing those with products made with 100% natural ingredients is not only a great way to refresh your routine but also keep your routine cleaner and healthier. At Little Moon Essentials, we have a wide variety of mineral baths, essential oil blends, lotions, sugar scrubs, and more, all cruelty-free, vegan-friendly, and made with 100% natural ingredients.

Find What’s In Season

Eating alongside the seasons is a great way to connect yourself to the natural cycles we experience throughout our lives. Spend some time conducting a little research to see what is in season over the next few weeks, and what food options are available to you that align with the nature around you. Yes, we are fortunate and can often get any produce we desire at any time, but shopping for timely products allows you to change up your menu seasonally and support local farmers.

Keeping It Fresh

While it’s often common to go through your things and refresh your space in the spring, any time can be a good time to refresh your routine and figure out what you truly desire within your daily life. It gives you to opportunity to connect with yourself and figure out how you’re feeling, all while presenting you the chance to create change in your life. Your routine can look however you’d like as long as it makes you happy!