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Article: Creating Beauty With the Moon

Creating Beauty With the Moon - Little Moon Essentials

Creating Beauty With the Moon

Have you ever wondered what has connected Little Moon Essentials to the moon? We have a very special connection to that celestial body, and it just so happens to correlate with how we make our bath and body care products. Interested in learning more?

Like the Tides

Usually, herbs are extracted through heating processes that compromise the integrity of the herbs used and are harmful to the environment. At Little Moon Essentials, we utilize the gravitational pull of the moon to extract the most out of our medicinal herbs and infuse them into our base oils. This ensures that our ingredients and our planet are never compromised. Our unique extraction process is energy-efficient and earth-friendly!

New Moon, New Bases

On the new moon, we start by infusing our base oils with herbs we need. On this day, the moon is completely hidden by the Earth’s shadow, darkening the night sky. We add fresh herbs to our base oil, infuse it with intention, and let the moon work its magic!

Halfway There

During the next two weeks, the moon moves from new to full. This period of time is known as the waxing phase. We utilize the moon’s gravitational pull on the Earth during this time to extract the medicinal properties out of the herbs and into the oil. This is the same force or pull that creates changes in the tides or earthquakes.

A Full Moon Celebration

When the full moon arrives, we have officially completed another moon cycle! On the full moon, we filter the herbs out of oil, leaving us with base oils infused with the medicinal properties of the herbs. They are now ready to use in your favorite Little Moon Essentials products!