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Article: New Year, New Self-Care

New Year, New Self-Care - Little Moon Essentials

New Year, New Self-Care

The new year is all about being able to wipe the slate clean and set new goals for yourself. We like to look at the new year as an opportunity to set intentions—it’s a little more flexible when it comes to truly adapting new tasks to our schedule. Let’s dive into how you can start to create a new routine and new self-care practices to try out.

Start By Brainstorming

Before you dive right into your new routine, think about what you would truly benefit from. What do you feel like you’re missing in your self-care routine? Are you looking to incorporate more exercise, or are you looking to improve your overall well-being? Write down what you are looking for and what types of activities really call to you.

Create A Routine That’s Obtainable

We know you can’t do it all, so don’t put pressure on yourself to do so! How much time do you have for your self-care routine—do you have an hour or only 20 minutes? Either way, you can create a routine that works well for you and creates enough space from the outside world for you to re-center and ground yourself.

Self-Care Practices to Explore

Incorporate Wellness - There are so many ways you can incorporate general wellness practices into your self-care routine. Taking weekly baths with Little Moon Essentials mineral baths is something that you can not only look forward to but use as a way to reset for the week ahead. You can even do the same practice with self-massage or doing an at-home facial.

Get Physical - Moving your body is so important, especially if you find yourself sitting at a desk most days of the week. Find an activity that speaks to you, not one you feel pressured to participate in. Practicing yoga, going to pilates class, trying your hand at rock climbing, or even walking after dinner are all great ways for you to get your body up and moving.

Eat Well - What we eat contributes so much to our overall health and well-being. If you are looking to revamp your eating habits, think about what goals you’d like to meet. Switching up your eating habits takes dedication, and it’s also important to make sure that you are still giving your body exactly what it needs. It’s always okay to treat yourself to something sweet! Start small, like creating a more balanced breakfast to start your morning off or meal prepping at the beginning of the week so you know exactly what you’re having.

Stay Hydrated - Staying hydrated is crucial to any self-care routine and is an absolute must if you’re looking to improve your well-being this year. Harvard Health recommends 11.5 cups a day for women and 15.5 cups for men, but activity level, medications, and age should also be considered when it comes to determining how much water you should have each day.

Cheers to Wellness!

There’s no right or wrong way for your self-care routine to look. It’s all about finding what meets your needs and what makes you feel good. Take time to map out what you’re looking to incorporate into your life and set goals to help you achieve the wellness you are looking for!