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Article: Creating a Cozy Evening Routine

Creating a Cozy Evening Routine - Little Moon Essentials

Creating a Cozy Evening Routine

After a busy day at work or a tedious day tending to chores, it would be nice to have a few moments set aside just for yourself—a few moments of peace and relaxation to help you unwind and ease into the night. Creating an evening routine that fits into your busy schedule is a great way to pencil in some relaxation, so there are always a few minutes each day you are dedicating to yourself. Let’s work together to create a truly dreamy evening routine!

It’s All About Lighting

Lighting can set the mood for any event, whether it’s a show, party, or to set the tone for the evening. When you are settling down for the evening, take a look around and see what lights your flipping on and off. Bright overhead lights can keep you feeling wide awake even if you’re ready to hit the hay. Try using smaller lights and lamps around your space, light a few candles, and try to put your phone down at least an hour before you’re ready to go to sleep.

Creating Peace

Creating an environment that encourages restfulness is a great way to continue to set the mood for your evening. Lighting candles can help to do this, in addition to using a mist like our Sleep Comes Easy™ mist. A few sprays over your bed and pillow are a great way to refresh your bed and invite the aromatherapeutic benefits of lavender and chamomile into your evening.

Narrow Down Your Evening Activities

It can be easy to keep scrolling on your phone or binge-watching a new Netflix series in the evening, but activities like that can keep your brain on long after you’ve turned off the lights. Try incorporating new hobbies into your evening routine, such as reading a book or magazine, doing a gentle Yin yoga flow, or practicing meditation for even a few minutes. Journaling is also a great way to reflect at the end of the day, plan for the day ahead, or practice gratitude.

Serene Self-Care

Your evening self-care routine can be the cherry on top of a successful evening that is filled with restoring moments. A warm bath or shower is a great way to refresh your body and spirit at the end of the day (and a warm bath pairs well with our Sleep Comes Easy™ mineral bath). After you’ve dried off, hydrating your body with the Sleep Comes Easy™ lotion or vegan body butter keeps your skin feeling silky smooth and even allows you to do a little self-massage before you crawl into bed.

Sleep Tight!

An evening routine is the perfect way to tap into your wants and needs for the coziest evenings, and the new year is a great time to start revamping your routine! Whether you go all out or squeeze just five minutes in to relax, any evening routine that works for you is a routine worth keeping.