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Article: Father's Day Gift Guide 2024

Father's Day Gift Guide 2024 - Little Moon Essentials

Father's Day Gift Guide 2024

The fatherly figures in our lives help pick us up when we’re down and act as role models or heroes to us when we are young. No matter who that may be in your life, give them a little squeeze this Father’s Day and thank them for all they’ve done. We’ve created a list of our favorite gifts for any father, brother, uncle, grandfather, or figure who has made your life a little bit better.

Tired Old Ass™ Mist

This mist is the perfect pick-me-up when the day just seems to be dragging on. The energizing combination of eucalyptus, rosemary, and vetiver can help leave you feeling refreshed and ready for life. It’s time to kick back and enjoy life!

Iron Man™ Mineral Bath

If your fatherly figure is a real go-getter, this is the perfect mineral bath for them! Our Iron Man™ blend combines ginger and camphor with bay leaf, lavender, and vetiver to help muscles feel nourished and revitalized. This is the perfect mineral bath to use after a long day of training, yard work, or a busy weekend.

Gimme A Break™ Lotion

Recharge your energy and hydrate your skin with this lotion made with lemon, vanilla, and Ho Wood. This lotion helps to restore your spark and revitalize you so you are ready to conquer all your worldly challenges. It’s the perfect pick-me-up for any busy dad!

Sleep Comes Easy™ Salve

Hit the hay with ease with our Sleep Comes Easy™ salve! This salve is formulated with herbs traditionally known to help promote restful sleep, including lavender, chamomile, and clove. Apply a small amount to your temples, neck, chest, and bottom of your feet before you go to bed and enjoy sweet dreams.

For the Dads

No matter who you choose to celebrate on Father’s Day, it’s important to remind those people in your life that anyone can practice self-care. Taking care of our bodies is so important, regardless of who you are!