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Article: All About Cancer

All About Cancer - Little Moon Essentials

All About Cancer

Happy birthday to any Cancers out there and welcome to the first water season of the year! This month is all about focusing on the home, whether that’s the physical place or the people you consider closest to your heart. Connect with loved ones, clean out your sacred spaces, and create an environment that feels safe and comfortable to you.

Cancer: June 21 - July 22

Element: Water

Symbol: The Crab

House: Fourth House

Planetary Ruler: Moon

Cancer is the first water sign to appear in the astrological calendar, encouraging us to turn inwards rather than look to the outside world for answers. This sign is empathic and intuitive, with Cancers often being drawn to spiritual practices or known to know more than they may lead you to believe.

This water sign is a cardinal sign, meaning they are strong leaders. Cardinal signs determine the start of a new season, which means that the start of Cancer season also indicates the start of summer.

Cancer rules the Fourth House or the house of family and traditions. This connects Cancers to their ancestors or lineage, something this sign may be particularly fond of or impacted by. This relationship with the Fourth House also creates a more nurturing characteristic for many Cancer individuals. The ruling planet of this season is the Moon, which sparks a very emotional disposition for Cancers.