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Ingredients - FAQ

Common Ingredients Questions

    • Are Little Moon Essentials products organic?
      • Our products are not certified organic; however, we DO use organic ingredients whenever possible. Our salves and body rubs use organic base oils, and we use only organic spices in our base oils. We also use organic, unbleached sugar in our sugar scrubs!

    • Are Little Moon Essentials products gluten free?
      • All of our products are gluten free, except for the lotions. Our lotions do contain tocopherol (Vitamin E). The Vitamin E oil in our lotion comes from wheat germ. While this should not be a serious concern for someone trying to enjoy a gluten-free diet, people with celiac disease may find it irritating.
    • Do Little Moon Essentials products contain soy?
      • No, our products do not contain soy.
    • Are Little Moon Essentials products vegan?
      • All of our products that do not contain beeswax are vegan. All body rubs, lip balms and deodorants have beeswax, but we still love bees and realize the mega important roles all our pollinators play in our livelihood!
    • Are Little Moon Essentials products NON-GMO?
      • Little Moon Essentials is not certified Non-GMO. Nonetheless, we do not use any ingredients that come from GMO crops.
    • Are Little Moon Essentials products preservative free?
      • We actually do use some preservatives, but maybe not in the conventional sense you are thinking of. Did you know? Salt is one of humanities oldest preservatives, and is also the main ingredient in all of our bath salts! Our lotion and Dream Cream contain a fraction of a percent of the preservatives potassium sorbate and sodium benzoate.
    • Are Little Moon Essentials products safe to use while pregnant?
      • Some essential oils are safe to use during pregnancy, while others are not! If you are pregnant, we recommend you try our Beautiful Belly Butter to help reduce the appearance of stretch marks during your pregnancy. It’s also safe for moisturizing dry spots on babies, post-partum! We use only natural, non-toxic and clean ingredients. However, as with any product, if you are pregnant or nursing check with your doctor first before using.

Here is a list of other Little Moon Essentials product lines that are suggested by us for expecting moms:

          • Sleep Comes Easy
          • Relax
          • Clear Skies Ahead
          • Gimme A Break
          • Oatmeal Heaven
          • Beach All You Want
          • Beautiful Belly Butter


      • Are Little Moon Essentials products safe to use on children?
        • Most of our products are safe for children over the age of 6. Beautiful Belly Butter and Sleep Comes Easy are the only salves we recommend for children under 14. Our instructions for bath soaks are the same for adults and children alike: Use a generous handful. Children have smaller hands, so their handful will naturally be smaller! For mists, it is safe to spray children’s toys, bedding, and clothing items. Remember: every child is unique! Some children have strong aversions to some essential oils, others have none. Be mindful when trying new body care products with kids, and if it doesn’t suit them, discontinue use.