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Article: All About Taurus

All About Taurus - Little Moon Essentials

All About Taurus

Happy Solar Return to any Tauruses out there! This month is all about settling in and creating a cozy environment, one of the favorite pastimes of our Taurus friends. Continue on to learn more about this earth sign and what this month has in store for you!

Taurus: April 20 - May 20

Element: Earth

Symbol: Bull

House: Second House

Planetary Ruler: Venus

Taurus is the first earth sign to appear in the astrological calendar, transitioning us to more stationary ground than its fiery predecessor. This sign is all about indulging in the pleasantries that earthly life has to offer, whether that’s good food, clothes, or cozy nights surrounded by their favorite activities and hobbies. They are materialistic, but this isn’t always a bad thing, especially if your Taurus friends can help you learn more about the importance of investing in clothes made with quality fiber or body care made with natural ingredients. 

Taurus is a fixed sign, meaning they have stability and are grounded in their beliefs. Fixed signs appear during the middle of the season, making Taurus season right in the middle of spring.

This sign rules the Second House, or the house of possessions and security. In relation to its connection with the planet Venus, Tauruses are drawn to creating a dynamic home and one they feel comfortable in. They love art and gravitate to beauty and things that bring pleasure and happiness into their lives.